Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Super Touch Automatic Coffee Machine

Manufacturer:Nuova Simonelli

AED 27,825

  • Suitable for 50-200 cups per day
  • Can produce 2 espressos/black coffees at once
  • Double Boiler and one Grinder
  • Compact
  • Soundproofed grinder
  • Micrometric grinding regulation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Self-service settings
  • Catering
  • 33 cm wide, Prontobar concentrates the best technology for producing espresso
  • Designed & manufactured in Italy
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Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Super Touch Automatic Coffee Machine

Prontobar is the super-automatic machine for those looking for the newest in espresso technology. Delivering high-quality beverages at the simple press of a button makes this machine ideal for demand in Restaurants, coffee shops and medium-sized offices.

Compact Size: A high-performance commercial espresso machine minus the bulkiness, the Prontobar is designed for locations where compromising space is not an option..

Simplicity: Simplicity in super-automatic machines is in high demand. In a fast-paced environment, every employee must be able to use the equipment without difficulty—this is exactly what Prontobar makes possible. Next to no training is required with a machine this smart.

Special Steel Burrs: Made of high-quality Stainless Steel, the Prontobar’s burrs last much longer than average. Technological advancements and excellent flexibility allow the burrs to absorb operational vibrations, ensuring effective grinding in all environments.

6 Programmable Drink Buttons: Program drink recipes on six different drink buttons for a variety that baristas can access quickly. This is like telling the Prontobar how to make Americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso beverages to your specifications. Then just push a button for the drink you want and let the Prontobar do the rest.

Automated Milk Frothing: Prontobar provides 2 options for milk frothing. The first is manual control which is suitable for baristas who prefer a more traditional experience and the second is completely automated milk frothing and drink building—the whole package for the fastest service.

Thermo-Compensated Delivery Group: A metal thermo-compensated delivery group guarantees maximum temperature control. This generates consistent quality, leading to perfectly crafted drinks every single time. Further refinements made to the shape of some group components ensure improved operability and durability.

User-Friendly LCD Display: Everything can be done through the simple LCD display. In addition to selecting the drink type for the machine to make, you can easily program doses and temperatures for brewing and steaming. No hidden buttons or hard-to-read menus.

Automatic Washing Program: Instead of spending 15 to 20 minutes manually cleaning the espresso machine at the end of the day, let the Prontobar do the work. The automatic washing program saves everyone time that could be used more effectively seeing to other necessary tasks.

Auto On/Off Time Setting and Standby Function

Automatic on-and-off time settings and standby functions save energy. Tell the machine exactly when to switch on and off and eliminate long warm-up periods at the start of the day.

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar Specification

Net Weight40 Kg
Dimensions33 × 52 × 60 Cm
Bodywork MaterialsStainless Steel+ABS
Boiler Capacity1.5+0.8 Lt
Boiler MaterialsStainless Steel
Power2700 W
Voltage230 V


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  1. Khalid (verified purchase)

    the best..

  2. Layla (verified purchase)

    Highly recommend

  3. Tabish (verified purchase)

    Everything is good

  4. Mohamed Ali (verified purchase)

    Description of the product is ? true. Worth buying it

  5. Mohamed Ali (verified purchase)

    Good customer service.

  6. سميرة (verified purchase)

    The product is firmly packed.

  7. Omar (verified purchase)

    استخدام سلس جدا

  8. Mohammad (verified purchase)

    ممتاز جداً

  9. Amina (verified purchase)

    Works well

  10. Tariq (verified purchase)

    حطيتها عدنا في الدوام واهم شيء سعرها القوي

  11. راشد (verified purchase)

    Very fast delivery.

  12. Amina (verified purchase)

    works fine!

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