Rocket Giotto Chronometro Evoluzione R Espresso Machine

Manufacturer:Rocket Espresso

AED 8,350

  • Handmade in Milan, Italy
  • PID controlled 1.8-liter heat-exchange boiler
  • Silent commercial rotary pump
  • Steel drip tray matches the elegant design of the machine
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The Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R Espresso Machine is built with the very best in traditional craftsmanship and technical knowledge, all to reflect the commercial machine experience at home! The boiler with heavy end plates and a capacity of 1.8 liters has been matched to the thermo-siphon system allowing the balance of the espresso machine which enables the ability to texture perfect milk and optimize amazing extraction temperature for the tastes and flavors of espresso, without delay. And with a rotary pump, the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R Espresso Machine will guarantee a robust pump performance with matching quietness for preparing the best cup of espresso.

PID Temperature Control – Control the temperature of your boiler with the touch of a button. Temperature is a vital component of creating quality espresso. Now, you can fine-tune your temperature simply by pressing a button.

Heat Exchanger Boiler – Quieter than ever, the Evoluzione R’s copper boiler holds 1.8 liters of water and is built to last. Its insulation ensures the noise level is kept to a minimum.

Reimagined E61 Brew Group – In a traditional E61 brew group, hot water is constantly circulated between the boiler and brew group to ensure proper brewing temperature. Rocket incorporates a dual pre-infusion system into their E61, which consists of a chamber and mechanical working piston, to aid the extraction and ensure the grounds are fully saturated upon brewing.

Height Adjustable Feet – An excellent feature allowing you to lower your machine by as much as an entire inch. New to the Evoluzione R and perfect for those working with limited counter-space or low cabinets.

Silent Commercial Rotary Pump – Commercial grade rotary pump allows users to fine-tune pressure for a more customized cup with the additional benefit of quietness. Compared to a vibratory pump, a rotary pump is much, much quieter.

Thermo-syphon System – This system keeps hot water flowing from the boiler to the brew group. What this means for you is a consistently warm cup of coffee during every use.

Subtle Shot Timer – A shot timer above the machine’s power switch. Pale blue with minimal lighting and flourish, the shot timers automatically switch on when the brew lever is engaged. The subtle design is intended to keep the timer from distracting from the beauty of the machine.

Plumbable – Connect your espresso machine directly to your waterline. Save time filling and refilling a water tank and spend that time creating delicious lattes and cappuccinos. Switchable between direct plumb and the water reservoir, only machines with a rotary pump contain this feature.

Stainless Steel Case – The stunning curves of the Giotto are sure to impress and dazzle in your coffee corner. Polished from the finest AISI 304 stainless steel and handcrafted in Italy, the Giotto embodies the Rocket brand.

Stainless Steel Cup Frame – Continuing on their trend of style and beauty, Rocket has swapped their plastic cup rail with stainless steel. The Giotto is even better looking than before.

Giotto Body Style – The Giotto contains a more “rounded” body style. This gives the machine a more powerful and durable stance.

Rotary Pump – The benefits of having a rotary pump are massive. These benefits include being able to plumb your machine, extremely quiet operating, and higher levels of consistency.

PID – The Evoluzione R now contains PID hidden behind the drip tray. This is new and an incredibly welcomed addition.

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  1. سميرة (verified purchase)

    Good quality.

  2. Dana (verified purchase)

    the best..

  3. Sultan A (verified purchase)

    quality as expected

  4. Sanaa (verified purchase)

    Great, got what was described and on time

  5. Nour (verified purchase)

    Great, got what was described and on time

  6. رحيم (verified purchase)

    Good quality, price value

  7. Majed (verified purchase)

    quality as expected

  8. Sheikha (verified purchase)

    works fine!

  9. Yasmin (verified purchase)

    ممتاز جداً

  10. خالد (verified purchase)

    totally satisfied

  11. Farid (verified purchase)

    the best..

  12. Ahmed (verified purchase)

    استخدام سلس جدا

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