V60 Pour Over Barista Kit (Coffee Gift Set)


AED 390



Package Includes

  1. Pour Over Kettle 600ml
  2. Glass V60 Coffee Dripper
  3. Filter Paper Sheets 100 pcs
  4. Manual Coffee Grinder
  5. V60 glass coffee server 600ml
  6. Coffee Mug double wall glass 250ml
  7. Digital Coffee Scale with Timer
  8. Coffee Spoon
  9. High Quality Carry Case

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V60 Barista Kit The best kit for professional baristas good for people who are learning to be coffee professionals This is good to people who travel as it is portable Comes in a good quality carry bag. A barista kit with all the essentials for V60 pour over brewing method. Includes: Manual coffee grinder. 600mL Pour over kettle Glass V60 coffee dripper. 600mL V60 glass coffee pot. 250mL coffee mug. Timer scale. 100 sheets of paper filter. Coffee spoon.

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