Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravitech 3 Group

Manufacturer:Victoria Arduino

AED 56,900

High technology for espresso coffee extraction
Solid, precise and gravimetric. The new VA388 Black Eagle Gravitech is much more than an espresso machine; it is an enhancement of each coffee blend and an expression of every barista
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The Victoria Arduino – Black Eagle Gravitech 3 Group Espresso Machine

Total control of brewing time and liquid weight in the cup

Gravitech gives users a higher level of consistency and controls over coffee brewing with maximum precision. Baristas can set the weight of ground coffee and liquid in the cup for each blend. The display group shows the principal parameters: brewing time and weight in the cup.

The innovative system that prevents burns

Thermal insulation guarantees the barista’s safety; and not only that but better and easier cleaning and therefore greater hygiene. The new “Cool-Touch” thermally insulated wand avoids annoying burns and can speed up cleaning the espresso machine.

All the espresso machine’s information is displayed in an LED

The Victoria Arduino VA388 “talks” to the barista and shares all the information provided by the T3 and gravimetric systems. The TFT display gives the barista all data in real time to offer the customer the best espresso. The display for each group shows the barista the temperatures of the steam boilers, the coffee and the group, the delivery time and the amount of liquid in the cup

Customer Reviews

  1. ياسين (verified purchase)

    Great, got what was described and on time

  2. Hamad (verified purchase)

    Value for money.. easy to clean and use

  3. Sultan A (verified purchase)


  4. Zainab (verified purchase)

    Works well

  5. Layla (verified purchase)


  6. لطيفة (verified purchase)

    Great, got what was described and on time

  7. Hassan (verified purchase)

    Good quality.

  8. Farid (verified purchase)


  9. Sanaa (verified purchase)

    منتوج رائع

  10. احمد (verified purchase)

    Amazinggg ! Loved it

  11. Fatima (verified purchase)

    Value for money.. easy to clean and use

  12. لطيفة (verified purchase)

    منتوج رائع

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